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Mourinho still can’t believe Tottenham’s elimination

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After Tottenham’s unexpected elimination, Jose Mourinho offered his reaction after the match against Dinamo Zagreb in Croatia. 

Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur was the overwhelming favorite to defeat Dinamo Zagreb at the start of tonight’s match in Croatia. They won the first-leg at home with a convincing 2-0 victory but they still had to travel to a colder weather. During the entire match, you could see a frustrated Mourinho trying to get his players to push forward on the attack.

But this only gives more credit to the Dinamo Zagreb defense as they pushed back on the Spurs’ many attempts. It was a hard-fought midfield battle that the locals simply won due to their resolve. For Mourinho, overconfidence was definitely a factor that played into this painful defeat against his squad. It is evident that not even Mourinho knows if his future is secured as the Spurs’ manager. 

Mourinho’s reaction after the match. 

Talking to BT Sport, this is what Jose Mourinho said: “I believe that by surprise we were not caught. Before the game I told the players to play to win. Play the game to be dominant. Don’t believe losing 1-0 or 2-1 is ok, don’t go in that direction. Even at 0-0 I said don’t trust it. So by surprise they were not caught. Dinamo’s attitude was humble. Professionalism starts in the attitude.

“Of course my players’ attitude concerns me. We worked very hard, we tried to provide the best conditions for the players to perform. Of course it concerns me. My position as a head coach is the position that makes me uncomfortable to come in front of the cameras and go deep in analysis. I hope you can understand that. I believe all of us have to be humble enough to accept any criticism that you can make of our work. It is not for me to go on that.”