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Mourinho sends a stern warning to Southgate over Kane

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Ahead of the upcoming international break for England, Jose Mourinho sent a stern warning to Gareth Southgate over Harry Kane. 

Jose Mourinho recently recovered the best version of Harry Kane for Tottenham and he wants to keep it that way. As we all know, the FIFA international break tends to take a toll on many players in terms of injuries. The month of March tends to be the time in which many footballers can pick up injuries that will define the rest of their season. Obviously, Jose Mourinho wants to avoid any type of issue with Kane and his England call-up.

This isn’t the first time the Portuguese manager makes a plea to Gareth Southgate about resting Harry Kane as much as humanly possible. The England National Team has many great players that Southgate can use instead of Harry, especially during a fixture that is not as important as the Euros. In his own way, Jose sent a message between the lines for Gareth during his most recent press conference on Wednesday. 

Mourinho’s message to Gareth Southgate.

This is the full Mourinho’s statement picked up by Sky Sports: “I have no control, if I could choose I would love them all to go because I love my players to be involved in national teams. I think it’s a question of pride for them and a plus for us as a club so we like the players to go. But of course if we could choose we wouldn’t like the players to play three matches, but it’s not in our hands, it’s in the hands of their national team managers. There is nothing we can say. If one of you ask me is he going to play tomorrow or is he going to rest, I answer already that he’s going to play. The game is open, it’s an important game for us so he plays tomorrow.

“I cannot do Gareth’s work, the same way Gareth is not trying to do my work,” he added. “He doesn’t make any comments about my selection, he doesn’t give any public opinion about who I should play or rest or give more minutes to these English players. He doesn’t make any comments so I also don’t feel comfortable in doing that. If in the summer, I do some little funny media work, then I’ll feel some freedom to speak about others’ jobs. But in this moment I don’t feel comfortable, he does what he wants, what’s best for the team. He has a good relation with Harry, so that means good communication and, without me in the middle, I hope that in between them they can find some compromise to protect the player a little bit.”