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Mourinho reacts to Harry Kane’s ankle injury against Everton

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After leaving the pitch in evident pain, Harry Kane got an honest reaction from Jose Mourinho right after the draw against Everton. 

Jose Mourinho is just as worried as we are about Harry Kane’s most recent injury, he just hurt his ankle again. Historically, the England international has suffered from weak ankles and he has been unlucky with this part of his legs. Footballers need healthy ankles in order to play at the full extent of their abilities. What troubles Mourinho the most is first and foremost, Harry Kane’s well-being.

However, he would lie if he didn’t accept that not having his best player in the Carabao Cup final would be a devastating blow for Tottenham. Over the next nine days, the star will have to rest and try to recover in time to make it to the crucial game. Fortunately, Kane left the pitch on his own. That’s a sign of an evident sprain but not a fracture or something even worse. Further tests will tell us the extent of Kane’s injury and will determine how long it will take him to recover. 

Mourinho wants to remain patient. 

Right after the match, Sky Sports got the following take from Mourinho about Kane’s injury and his performance: “I think it’s too early to say something. For him to leave the pitch at 2-2 with a couple of minutes to go shows he felt something but let me be optimistic and believe that he has time to recover, let’s see. Let me be optimistic and believe it’s nothing serious.

“It’s obvious that he’s a very important player for us. It’s more than obvious. I cannot say much or speculate. Great finishing and he’s the kind of player that when you see the first touch, that control, like in the first goal with the ball bouncing we are used to seeing that in training. It’s fantastic finishing. Two beautiful goals and not a surprise for the ones that see him do that day after day in training.”