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Mino Raiola makes a bold claim about PSG’s status

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During a recent interview with Diario AS, Mino Raiola made a bold claim about PSG in regards to their status in European football. 

For Mino Raiola, PSG are at the top of the elite in European football. The French giants have managed to reach two consecutive semifinals in the UEFA Champions League. To their own supporters, that should be more than enough to be considered one of the most important football clubs in the world. However, history doesn’t play in PSG’s favor when you compare them to other massive football clubs in Europe.

Compared to the likes of Liverpool, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, or AC Milan; PSG are hardly amongst the best clubs in football history. Even if they won the UEFA Champions League in the coming years, they would still be considered far below some of the mentioned clubs. But for Mino Raiola, PSG are already at the same level without counting the history of the rest. 

Raiola’s case for PSG as one of the best. 

This is what Raiola said on Diario AS: “PSG already is one of the elite football clubs in Europe and they are becoming ‘historic’ for their achievements. My vision of PSG is proven by the great players I’ve had the honor of signing there in the past. Also, for the players who play there today. And for the players who will play there in the future as well. The evaluation I did on the French Championship reflects a cliche that is very common in football.

“However, this is clearly not only a thought I have on my own. This league’s competitive nature proves it every season, especially in recent years. Plus, PSG has a great appeal to all the best players I currently represent. These are players who would consider joining the club if the chance presented itself. I think it’s strange that the French press talks about my statement about Ligue 1 and not about my praise towards PSG.”