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Messi finally reaches historic Pele milestone at FC Barcelona

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With the equalizer against Valencia tonight, Leo Messi finally reached Pele’s historic milestone at FC Barcelona. Another unattainable record. 

Up until today, Pele had a record that no other player in football could dream of until Lionel Messi came along. During his time at Santos FC, the Brazilian legend scored an impressive 643 goals with a single club. Throughout his many years in Brazilian football, O’Rei was the golden standard when you spoke about a one-club player.

After him, there have been many who can carry this distinction but none of them had been as prolific as him. Messi’s story with FC Barcelona began with this promise and it rapidly began accelerating during the 2006-07 season. This was the year in which we all realized we were about to witness something special with Leo.

It’s the season in which Diego Maradona himself gave him his blessing to continue such an important legacy in football. But regardless of the significance, Leo would end up as a combination of both Diego and Pele. 

How Messi made history against Pele.

The goal itself was quite difficult for him to get. Messi got awarded a penalty and we all thought scoring from the spot would be easy. But nothing comes easy when you are trying to break an all-time record. As Leo stood in front of the goalie to take the shot, he didn’t expect to get denied but he didn’t give up. On the continuation after the penalty, Leo got to head the ball inside and he nearly got injured in the process.

A worthy effort for a historic day that will remain in his memory forever. This milestone takes Leo to a whole new height when you want to compare him to the all-time greats. Not even Cristiano Ronaldo will ever get a whiff of a record like this due to his choice of playing for several clubs throughout his career.