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Mauricio Pochettino picks the best player he ever coached

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Ahead of today’s crucial match between PSG and Bayern Munich, Mauricio Pochettino revealed which player is the best he ever coached. 

For Mauricio Pochettino, picking the best player he ever coached must be difficult considering his time at Tottenham Hotspur. There was a time when he even compared Harry Kane to Brazilian Ronaldo as a striker. But coming to PSG completely changed his perspective of the best players under his command. In Paris, he joined forces with amazing players such as Neymar or Kylian Mbappe. Although Harry Kane and Son Heung-min are also world-class, there is no comparing them to the PSG duo. When it comes to the very best, these two rank in the top spots of any list you can think of.

In a statement picked up by Goal, Pochettino said this about Mbappe: “It’s so easy to work with him. “He’s only 22 but so mature and in his mind it is just about working, playing and scoring goals. “It’s also easy to communicate because his Spanish is fantastic and his English is amazing. He’s very easy to work with, very humble and a lovely guy. “It’s impossible not to love him, and on the pitch he is unbelievable with his talent. In 11 or 12 years as a coach he is maybe the easiest player I have managed.”

Mbappe, Ballon d’Or? 

With the tremendous season is is currently having, we have to think about the real chances Kylian Mbappe has to win the Ballon d’Or. He already delivered top performances at Camp Nou and Allianz Arena. If he confirms Bayern’s elimination today at Parc des Princes, he will only have one obstacle left. Say he faces Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and he scores another brace at Etihad Stadium.

Can that be enough for him to get the Ballon d’Or this year? If he wins the trophy by the end of the season, then he will definitely be Pochettino’s best player ever. Mbappe keeps showing he is in a league of his own, but can he live up to the hype when the season is over? Kylian can even do what Neymar never accomplished, but he won’t have to compete against Messi or Ronaldo this time around.