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Matthaus knows what Messi should do at FC Barcelona

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During a recent interview, Lothar Matthaus analyzed Lionel Messi’s future and said where he would like him to continue his impressive career. 

Lionel Messi is an interesting topic for other legendary players such as Lothar Matthaus, who considers him one of his favorites. We all wonder what will happen with him next summer and where he will continue his career. It’s clear he is still at an impressive level of performance. Leo is currently the most prolific player of 2021 and he doesn’t seem to slow down. The clubs that are more interested in his transfer are PSG and Manchester City.

But he does look like he will remain at FC Barcelona until he retires, especially in recent weeks. We just saw him enjoying that ticket to the Copa del Rey final next to his teammates. With this still fresh in everyone’s memories, Lothar Matthaus is almost convinced he will remain at the Catalan club. He simply can’t imagine Barcelona without Leo Messi or vice versa. The Argentine is the type of player who stays at a single club throughout his entire career. 

Matthaus compares Messi to Beckenbauer. 

Although there have been tough moments between Messi and the club, there is no denying the connection they have. This is one of those unique love stories that few players in the world can have with a football club. Matthaus believes Messi shouldn’t leave Barcelona while he still plays at the highest level. After that, he can play wherever he chooses. During an interview with One Football, this is what Matthaus had to say: “Messi is my favorite player after Lewandowski.

“I see him playing in Barcelona next season. Barcelona is Messi and Messi is Barcelona. For me, he is like Beckenbauer, who was at Bayern Munich his whole career. Barça has financial problems and problems on the pitch. They lost 1-4 against PSG in the Champions League. This is not the same Barcelona we remember from a few years back when Guardiola trained them. He is the one who has to decide but I would like to see him at Barcelona because I don’t see him in any other club.”