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Marcelo Bielsa issues a surreal apology to Leeds United fans

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In a surprising statement next to his translator, Marcelo Bielsa just issued the most surreal apology to all Leeds United supporters. 

Marcelo Bielsa has a special type of relationship with Leeds United supporters, they consider him a deity in the city. But the Argentine manager never regarded himself as important as they make him to be. Ever since he arrived in England to coach the club, most people believed he would speak English soon. But Bielsa is one of those people who can’t learn the language that easily.

Perhaps he is considered one of the most intelligent minds in football, but languages are simply not within his wheelhouse. All the time he’s spoken to members of the press, Bielsa tends to have his faithful translator right beside him. So far, he’s already gone through two of them and people still wonder why he can’t speak English by himself. In Bielsa’s own words, he feels embarrassed for his lack of talent to speak other languages. 

Bielsa won’t learn English. 

In many cases, there are some people who can’t learn another language because they don’t have that given talent. But Marcelo Bielsa is one of the most studied individuals in the world of football. In the modern era, a proper football manager tends to speak no less than three different languages. But Bielsa is limited because he is old school, he doesn’t seem to like learning a new language. Perhaps Italian comes easier to him but English is more difficult: “I owe an apology to those who have to listen to me, that I haven’t learned English,” Bielsa explained.

“One of my big deficits through my passage in English football has been not being able to communicate in the language that everybody speaks. One of the things I’ve dedicated most time to while I’ve been a coach is to speak well, one of the bigger tools that a coach has is to transmit his message through his words. It takes me so long to say things in Spanish, how could I be able to say it in English? That’s my reality.”