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Luke Shaw gets praised by the greatest left-back of all time

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Due to his high level of performance with England, Luke Shaw just got praised by arguably the greatest left-back in football history. 

Luke Shaw is trying to follow the footsteps of the greatest left-backs in football history and he just got praised by the very best. If you had to take a guess, we all wonder who you’d pick as the absolute best player in that position. There are a few names we have in mind but only one of them rings true to this distinction above the rest. We are obviously talking about Brazilian legend, Roberto Carlos. During his time at Real Madrid, he redefined the left-back role like no other player before him.

At the fastest pace we’ve ever seen, Roberto Carlos became the gold standard to what every single full-back aspired to someday become. Luke Shaw has even been compared to the Brazilian former star after his performances at the Euros. But we were all surprised when we heard from the mythical man himself talking about the English international. Once we can see that Shaw is getting Roberto Carlos’ seal of approval, we can already consider him an elite left-back. 

Roberto Carlos doesn’t want any comparisons. 

Maybe comparing Roberto Carlos with Luke Shaw is a little out of order but it’s still a massive compliment. The fact that the best to ever do it is talking about already says a lot about the work you are doing. Shaw’s most recent performance with England saw him deliver two brilliant assists that made the world remember those golden Roberto Carlos days. The Brazilian legend spoke about Shaw via talkSPORT: “He’s really improving, his performance against Ukraine was very good.

“Shaw has been an important part of this English team, along with all the others. He’s been improving each game and I think he’s got everything to get to the top. He’s the left-back for England, that in itself says a lot. I don’t like comparing. It’s two completely different periods in football. I had my time and now he’s having his. Similarities I think could be that he has strength and the desire to win, just like I did.”