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Luka Modric defends former Real Madrid team-mate

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During an interview for a radio station, Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric backed his former star team player.

Luka Modric supported his former Real Madrid team-mate, Gareth Bale. The midfielder mentioned that the Wales international did not have issues in the club dressing room. 

Moreover, he urged the supporters to remember the achievements of Bale at Santiago Bernabeu.

Consequently, after seven long years, the Welshman returned to his old club Tottenham in September. 

Evidently, Bale accomplished great triumph while at Madrid. He helped the team win four Champions League trophy, two La Liga titles, and one Copa del Rey.

Although, the 31-year old’s time ended with unexpected moments. Zinedine Zidane sidelined him for a significant amount. Also, rumors say that he did not have good relationships with his team-mates.

Modric to the rescue.

Nevertheless, Modric defended Bale. He played with the Welshman back in the Premier League at Spurs. 

“I have been with Gareth most of my professional life and he is a spectacular guy,” Modric said to COPE. “He is shy, similar to me.

“What is said about him is not fair, they judge him in recent years but what he has done at Madrid is something impressive and he will always be remembered as a player who has done a lot for the club.  

“He has never had any problems in the dressing room, he is a great guy. He spoke Spanish, he joked with us. 

“In recent years many things have come out and they have forgotten what he has done. When time passes they will remember him and how important he has been. 

“Every person has their own behavior. He was like that, he didn’t associate much, but in the dressing room, he was very good. It makes me sad that everything he has done has been forgotten in the last year.”

Struggle for Hazard.

Elsewhere, Eden Hazard struggled to get back in shape for Madrid. He joined Los Blancos from Chelsea last year.

Modric stated that the Belgium international is having a tough time in Madrid. And hopes that the striker gets back in touch with his old self.

“It is not a comfortable situation for him,” Modric said of Hazard. “He has come to show that he is one of the best players in the world and I am sure he will prove it this year. When he was good he has shown that he will be important, but injuries stopped him. It’s a shame because we need him and he will show why Madrid paid so much for him.”