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Luka Jovic finally breaks his silence at Eintracht Frankfurt

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As he keeps settling in at Eintracht Frankfurt, Luka Jovic finally broke his silence after recently coming back to Germany from Real Madrid. 

Luka Jovic has been extremely unfortunate at Real Madrid and returning to Eintracht Frankfurt revived his career. The problem at the Spanish club still hasn’t been disclosed completely but Zinedine Zidane didn’t seem to like something about the striker. Luka barely played any games and his confidence was extremely damaged during this time. However, Jovic hit the ground running on his return to Germany.

Today, he offered the first press conference after coming back to the Bundesliga to speak about his experience at Real Madrid. After carefully listening to his words, it doesn’t seem like Jovic wants to return to Los Blancos any time soon. It also seems like his relationship with Zidane is practically non-existent due to a language barrier. For ‘Zizou’, this has been a recurring problem with some players at Real Madrid. 

Jovic feels he wasn’t lucky at Real Madrid. 

In a press conference picked up by AS, Jovic said: “I’m very happy to be back. I’m feeling very comfortable and you can tell by watching me play on the pitch. I scored two goals throughout my entire time at Real Madrid and I’ve scored three here already. The city, the club, but especially the team are tailor-made for me. I was very unfortunate at Real Madrid.

“Injuries kept me from reaching my level and I didn’t do well off the pitch either. I feel lucky for coming back to Frankfurt, where they always treated me great. It’s been fortunate to train every day alongside the best players in the world. I got to earn experience and I consider myself a better player today. Despite not having the continuity on the pitch, I still take many positive things from Madrid.”