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Lloris: ‘You just need to know how to win’

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Tottenham take on Everton in their 2020/21 Premier League season opener and their captain is willing to do everything necessary for three points. 

For five glorious years, Tottenham were Mauricio Pochettino’s team. Now they are not. There is a new sherrif in town and he is stomping his identity on the Spurs. 

Hugo Lloris gave an insight into the change in ideologies under the new manager. The goalkeeper said the focus is always on playing pretty but the team should be able to deliver points in all circumstances.

Lloris has not won a trophy with Spurs but to change that statistic, the team will play ugly if it means success on the pitch. 

“It can be true in football, you sometimes have to know how to win in the ugly way,” the Frenchman told the Guardian. “You don’t always need to play the fantastic game to win, you just need to know how to win. Particularly on a bad day, it helps if you still know how to win.

“That doesn’t mean you can’t be a good guy off the field, but when you are on the field you have to do everything you can. You might have to be naughty, to get the winning taste, but if you win that kind of game it makes you even stronger. 

“You still need talent and team spirit and all the usual things, but sometimes that’s not enough. The manager is trying to instil a winning mentality, which is something we all have to follow.”

Tottenham have an impressive record in season openers. They have only suffered defeat once in their last season curtain raisers, winning five and drawing one.