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Lloris and Deschamps react to Mbappe’s penalty miss

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After Kylian Mbappe’s unforgettable penalty miss, both Didier Deschamps and Hugo Lloris reacted to the youngster’s fail. 

When Kylian Mbappe missed that decisive penalty against Switzerland, he didn’t immediately understand what was happening like Didier Deschamps or Hugo Lloris did. They are amongst two of the most experienced individuals in the French National Team who have suffered defeat in the part. This latest setback was in many ways necessary for Kylian to understand how to get up when he gets knocked down. But the most important aspect of this historic night was the reaction from his teammates and his manager. Deschamps said the following after France’s defeat: “The whole group is united in the dressing room.

“No-one talks about ‘you made this mistake’ or ‘you made that mistake.’ Kylian knows his responsibility. Of course Kylian, even if he didn’t score a goal, he was decisive in many actions that we had, then he took the responsibility to take this penalty and no-one is really angry with him. I talked to the players, we know the strength of this squad, of this team, we had many magnificent moments together today. It really hurts, there’s a lot of sadness and, well, there were many things that we did really well in this match, but not everything and if we think too much about this match it won’t help too much. This Euro was really difficult, it’s not an excuse, and now there’s the last European champion and the last world champion who have to go home, it hurts but we have to accept it.”

Mbappe gets backing from his captain. 

Another major support for Mbappe came from captain Hugo Lloris, who knows too well what pressure feels like as a goalkeeper. Instead of making someone responsible for what happened, the Tottenham Hotspur’s goalie wanted to send a message to his young teammate. All of France is together to keep fighting for titles in the future. This defeat will serve as a perfect way to understand what this brilliant squad can improve. While talking to BeIn Sports, this is what Lloris said about Mbappe’s miss: “In football, we win together and we lose together.

“We’re all responsible for the elimination. It’s painful and there is no one to point the finger at. We all fought together against the opponent and there is no excuse to seek. And we have to highlight the Swiss team, they were great. I think the regrets we may have tonight are certainly that we could have managed the game better at 3-1. Our strength in the past was to be strong. And tonight, we left them in the game. Despite that, we didn’t give up. We went to the end of the end. Now we have to digest our pain.”