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Liverpool youngster out until December with an eye injury

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The Liverpool youngster has been out since October after sustaining an eye injury. Here’s an update from the club doctor.

Liverpool have provided an update on youngster Curtis Jones’ injury as he continues to recover from an eye problem.

The 20-year-old suffered from an eye injury during a training session due to an accidental collision with a teammate. 

He, therefore, went on to miss the Reds’ encounters against Atletico Madrid and West Ham.

Now, club doctor Jim Moxon told Liverpool’s official website about Jones’ issue: “It’s a freak injury and very unlucky, but the important thing to emphasise is there is no lasting damage and his vision won’t be impacted beyond the recovery period.”

“However, the nature of the issue means caution is important; we need to allow it time to heal and we can’t rush it, therefore it won’t be a speedy return. It needs to mend before we are able to reintroduce Curtis to full training, but there are things he can do in the meantime to maintain fitness.”

“We can’t put a specific timescale on a return beyond it will be a number of weeks from now as it heals naturally, so it’s not one we will risk and patience is a virtue with this specific recovery.”

It is deemed that Jones will return to training in December.