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Liverpool star suffers gruesome injury ahead of the Champions League

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It happened during the Merseyside Derby, one of Liverpool’s biggest stars suffered a gruesome injury ahead of the Champions League. 

The UEFA Champions League is right around the corner for Liverpool FC, but one of their biggest stars might not be ready for it. The Reds are set to make their continental debut against AFC Ajax in Amsterdam but they might have to do it without one of their most important players. As the game was just starting, Virgil van Dijk got inside the box as he attempted to score a goal.

Jordan Pickford saw him and committed a reckless tackle that caught his left knee right in the middle. The replay shows an unnatural movement in Van Dijk’s knee and left everybody worried about the Dutch defender. Everton’s goalkeeper didn’t even get a yellow card for this action, which sparked massive outrage amongst Reds’ fans all over the Internet.

As he felt the knock, Van Dijk instantly knew the problem was serious and he had to limp off the game at the 11th minute. This left the Reds without their star defender for the rest of the 90 minutes. 

Van Dijk might be out for a long time. 

Liverpool still has to take a closer look at Virgil van Dijk’s knee but the initial sensations are not great. These types of problems usually end up with the player getting a scan and finding some sort of cartilage tear.

Virgil is a tough individual and he doesn’t usually leave a match if he is feeling pain. Jürgen Klopp’s biggest concern after the match was exactly that, he worries the injury is quite serious because the player decided to leave the pitch. 

“I don’t know [how serious it is], I don’t know, but it is not good,” said Klopp via Liverpool’s website after the match. “Virgil played for us I don’t know how many games in a row. He plays with pain, he plays with pretty much everything, but he couldn’t play on. That’s not good.”

Another worry for Klopp is Thiago Alcantara, who suffered another reckless tackle that got Richarlison sent-off near the end of the game. The German manager confirmed the midfielder confessed he also felt something was off right after the tackle. Both stars will have to undergo tests and see how much time they could miss.