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Liverpool boss is mesmerized by one of AC Milan’s biggest stars

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Ahead of AC Milan’s Champions League return against Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp wanted to highlight one of their biggest stars. 


Even though he is missing the match due to injury, Zlatan Ibrahimovic still got the highest possible praise from Liverpool’s boss. Although there are many who don’t like the Swedish striker’s way to conduct himself, Klopp absolutely loves his mentality. In fact, the German manager downright thinks Zlatan is one of the best players in the history of the game. He’s absolutely right to think that.

But his comments come during a week in which Zlatan returned from yet another serious knee injury and immediately scored after getting on the pitch. They also come during a week in which Ibra himself said that the Ballon d’Or is the ones who misses him and not the other way around. This type of mental fortitude is what any of the biggest football clubs need inside their squads. For Klopp, playing against such a historic rival with the face-to-face past they have is also a source of inspiration. 

Klopp’s praise to AC Milan and Zlatan. 

As per Football Italia, Klopp said the following during a press conference: “I have more in mind than the two finals but if you think of any European battle, LFC v AC Milan is a must-watch. Milan have not been in CL for years but are doing well for 18 months. They started this season good so it’ll be tough. There are a few nice games in this CL, this is one. It’s about getting enough points to get through so we should not waste time. It’s a long time since we had a home game at Anfield [with fans]. “European nights at Anfield…I can’t wait to experience that again.


“Zlatan! What a player. I think I saw vids of him when he got injured and then early enough, he fought back with ‘lions don’t rest long’ or whatever. He’s a man for exceptional moments. If he’s not playing, Giroud will play. All really good players. Zlatan is one of the best players this game has ever seen. He knows that and he tells us. I like that. There is still fuel in the tank and he squeezes every drop out. He’s capable to play in every league and that is exceptional.”