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Lionel Messi’s FIFA Ratings Over the Years

Lionel Messi at Argentina
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Lionel Messi’s FIFA Rating Evolution: From his legendary career at Barcelona to his latest moves to Paris and the US.

Lionel Messi, often regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, has graced the FIFA video game series with his extraordinary skills and talent for nearly two decades.

As the game has evolved over the years, so too have Messi’s virtual performances.

Let’s take a journey through the history of Messi’s FIFA ratings, from his early years to the current day.

Emerging Talent (FIFA 06-08)

In FIFA 06, a youthful 18-year-old Messi began his virtual career with a humble 78 rating. Despite the modest score, his 88 dribbling and 87 acceleration hinted at his immense potential. By FIFA 07, Messi’s rating climbed to 84, and he gained a 3-star weak foot. His Career Mode potential surged to 94, thanks to his 14 goals in the 2006/07 season. In FIFA 08, Messi’s rating soared to 86, with standout stats like 95 dribbling, 95 acceleration, and 95 sprint speed.

The Rise to Excellence (FIFA 09-12)

FIFA 09 marked Messi’s first 90+ rating, a reflection of his 2008 Ballon d’Or runner-up finish. FIFA 10 saw him reach a 95 overall rating, making him one of the game’s finest players. FIFA 11 maintained his 90 rating, and Messi continued to dominate. By FIFA 12, the Argentine international’s rating jumped to 94, making him two points ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo. His Team of the Year and Team of the Season cards reached astonishing heights, boasting 99 overall with 99 pace, 99 passing, 99 shooting, and 99 dribbling.

The Peak of Perfection (FIFA 13-16)

Messi maintained his 94 rating in FIFA 13, with minor improvements in shooting and passing. FIFA 14 featured Messi with a 94 base card, earning admiration from fans. FIFA 15 saw a slight dip to 93 as Ronaldo claimed consecutive Ballon d’Or wins. However, Messi remained a top-tier player with a special RW card in Ultimate Team. FIFA 16 marked the Barca star’s return to a 94 rating, and his 99 Team of the Year card became legendary.

The Battle Continues (FIFA 17-23)

In FIFA 17, Messi’s rating dropped to 93 as Ronaldo claimed FIFA 17’s top spot. FIFA 18 brought an array of special cards, with Messi starting as a 93-rated RW. FIFA 19 marked his return to 94, featuring three 99-rated cards. In FIFA 20, the Argentine regained supremacy over Ronaldo, with his pace dropping to 87 but still earning two more 99-rated cards.

FIFA 21 was Messi’s final year with Barcelona, receiving a 93 overall card. Messi’s rating continued to drop in FIFA 23, falling to 91 with declining pace. Despite the competition, he remained one of the game’s top players.

The Present Day (FIFA 24)

Having narrowly managed to cling onto his top-five status in the FC 24 rankings, Messi has been nudged down into sixth place this time around. This comes after the Argentine icon had cemented his position in the top two for an impressive 13 straight years prior.

Despite his heroics at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and a lightning start to life as an Inter Miami CF player, Messi has seen his overall rating drop from 91 to 90.

Every Lionel Messi FIFA Rating since 2006

 FIFA EditionMessi’s Overall Rating
FIFA 0678
FIFA 0784
FIFA 0886
FIFA 0990
FIFA 1090
FIFA 1190
FIFA 1294
FIFA 1394
FIFA 1494
FIFA 1593
FIFA 1694
FIFA 1793
FIFA 1893
FIFA 1994
FIFA 2094
FIFA 2193
FIFA 2293
FIFA 2391
FC 2490