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Cristiano Ronaldo’s FIFA Ratings Over the Years

Cristiano Ronaldo at Al Nassr
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s FIFA Rating Evolution: From CR7’s wonderful start at Manchester United to his latest move to Saudi Arabia.

Cristiano Ronaldo has graced the FIFA video game series for two decades, leaving an indelible mark with his incredible skills and performances.

From his humble beginnings at Manchester United to his current stint at Al Nassr, Ronaldo’s FIFA ratings have mirrored his real-life journey.

In this article, we’ll take a trip down memory lane to explore how Ronaldo’s FIFA rating evolved over the years.

Early Years (FIFA 04-06)

Ronaldo made his FIFA debut in the 2003/04 season with Manchester United, earning a modest 80 rating in FIFA 04. His potential shone through as he swiftly climbed the ranks, reaching an impressive 91 rating in FIFA 06.

Challenges and Triumphs (FIFA 07-14)

FIFA 07 saw a dip in Ronaldo’s rating, dropping to 87, but he bounced back in FIFA 08, earning a 91 after his stunning 2007/08 season. Throughout FIFA 09 to FIFA 14, Ronaldo maintained a consistent 92 rating, staying close but not quite surpassing his rival, Lionel Messi.

Domination (FIFA 15-18)

With his move to Real Madrid, Ronaldo’s FIFA rating remained at 92 in FIFA 15 and FIFA 16. However, after a prolific season in La Liga, EA Sports finally granted him a rating upgrade to 93 in FIFA 16. He continued to rise, achieving a 94 rating in FIFA 17 and FIFA 18, making him the best player in the game and earning a coveted spot on the game’s cover.

Challenges Continue for Ronaldo (FIFA 19-22)

Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus in 2018 maintained his 94 rating in FIFA 19, but he had to share the top spot with Messi once again. A less spectacular season led to a downgrade to 93 in FIFA 20, ending his reign as the highest-rated player.

The downward trend continued in FIFA 21 with a 92 rating, and FIFA 22 saw him receive a significant blow, dropping to 91. This marked the first time Ronaldo was rated lower than Messi and Robert Lewandowski.

The Shocking FIFA 23 and FIFA 24 Updates

In FIFA 23, Ronaldo’s rating further declined to 90, reflecting his ongoing challenges on the pitch. His status as a substitute for Manchester United added to his woes, leaving fans wondering if he could rediscover his form.

Now, in the highly anticipated FIFA 24, Ronaldo’s rating has hit a new low, dropping to 86 in the EA FC 24 mode. This represents a significant departure from his consistent high ratings throughout his career in FIFA.

Every Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA Rating since 2004

FIFA editionCristiano Ronaldo’s Overall Rating
FIFA 0480
FIFA 0588
FIFA 0691
FIFA 0787
FIFA 0891
FIFA 0991
FIFA 1089
FIFA 1189
FIFA 1292
FIFA 1392
FIFA 1492
FIFA 1592
FIFA 1693
FIFA 1794
FIFA 1894
FIFA 1994
FIFA 2093
FIFA 2192
FIFA 2291
FIFA 2390
FIFA 2486
Ronaldo’s FIFA ratings over the years