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Lindelof admits long-term injury struggle at Man United

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Victor Lindelof has been struggling to cope up with an injury problem at Manchester United ahead of a difficult campaign.

Victor Lindelof concurred that he has been suffering due to a long-term injury at Manchester United. The Sweden international however is ready to make changes and put rigorous efforts to manage his situation.

Shockingly, there is no one specific solution to Lindelof’s setback which could affect the remaining 2020-21 Premier League season. And the 26-year-old knows that he will have to go through hardship in the upcoming weeks of football.

Lindelof told United’s official website: “Yeah I’ve been struggling a bit with my back. I’ve been having it for the last couple of months.”

“I missed a few games as well and I am just trying to manage it in a good way. I missed a few games and I came back slowly. I played one game and then I got to rest again, it felt a bit better.”

“It started to come back a little bit but I’m just trying to manage it in a good way, do the recovery right and then treatment. [I’m] just trying to manage it in a good way.”

Lindelof added: “I have been having these issues for the last couple of months but I’m still out there because I want to be playing, to help my team win games.”

“That’s the most important thing for me. If I’m sore for a few days after it or in a bit of discomfort, that’s not a problem if the team wins. That’s the most important thing and I just want to be out there to help the team.”