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Lewandowski reveals whether he needs the Premier League or not

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On a very special day for him, Robert Lewandowski revealed whether he needs the Premier League to prove himself as the best or not. 

Robert Lewandowski has been repeatedly linked to a possible Premier League arrival for years but he always remained at Bayern Munich. When even Real Madrid was coming after him, the Bavarian giant’s board convinced him by telling him he could win the Champions League where he was at the time. This ended up happening during the first year of the global pandemic with Lewandowski as the best player in the world. Since then, his numbers have only increased to levels that even he can’t believe at times.

Last season, he won the first Golden Shoe of his professional career after breaking Gerd Muller’s historic Bundesliga record. If you ask us, the 2020 Ballon d’Or should’ve gone to him. However, France Football decided to not deliver the award that year. Despite this injustice, Lewandowski managed to keep himself in the conversation as one of the best players in the world to this day. On the day he received this individual award, Lewandowski had a lot to say. 

Robert doesn’t need the Premier League. 

On the day he received his Golden Shoe, he responded to questions about the possibility to play other leagues. Knowing the Premier League is currently the best in the world, Lewandowski said the following via The Mirror: ​​”I don’t have to prove myself in another league. I can compete with the best from other leagues in the Champions League. “I am 100 percent focused on Bayern Munich, I don’t think about anything else but my team.”

Also, this is what Robert responded when asked about the competition against a young Erling Haaland: “I am still here – and I will be here for a long time! “Age, these are just numbers. I feel very good, I have the best stats I’ve ever had. I know that with my body I can play at the top level for years to come. “I’m like a good wine and I hope to get even better.”