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“Leo Messi hated when I first rejected FC Barcelona”

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Antoine Griezmann finally opened up about his relationship with Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona, he offered some revealing details about it. 

Lionel Messi’s relationship with Antoine Griezmann took a wild turn during the last few weeks at FC Barcelona. The Argentine forward saw from a distance how the Frenchman’s friends and family came out to slander him. At first, the media and the fans believed Griezmann himself planned everything in order to push him out of the club.

Many things were said about Antoine and the situation became impossible to address. As a way to clear the air about this whole drama, the player decided to speak in public about everything. During his interview on ‘Universo Valdano’ as reported by Sport, Griezmann revealed he doesn’t have any contact with the ones who slandered Messi. But he also spoke about the first time he rejected Barcelona, which is something that Leo didn’t like.

During the time in which Griezmann was making his decision to play at the Catalan club, the captain said he would like this transfer in public. We all know how Griezmann rejected Barcelona through a documentary. This is exactly what set a precedent for their relationship that is now healthy. All those rumors about them no getting along are false, according to Griezmann. 

Griezmann respects the hell out of Messi. 

“I came to Barcelona, a club I had rejected a year prior to that. There may have been comments even inside the dressing room, but I wanted to ask forgiveness on the pitch. I spoke with Leo when I got here and he told me he hated when I rejected the club the first time because he made public statements and I said no. But he still told me he would support me no matter what and that’s exactly what I feel from him everyday. 

“Leo knows I have the utmost respect for him, I learn from him everyday. I haven’t spoken to my former agent since my wedding. Then my uncle, who doesn’t know anything about football. A journalist comes to get a line from you. I already told Leo I have nothing to do with wither one of them. It’s been three years since I spoke to my former agent and I don’t even have my uncle’s phone number. 

“I told Leo I would speak in public, even though I don’t like it in order to clear the air. I’m in need of everybody’s help, from the fans, and the club. I already have support from my teammates. It would be nice if people would take it easy on me, or to not get so much shtick from journalists. I would like it if they left me alone. My manager trusts me.”