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Lazio take yet another swipe at David Silva

David Silva
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Lazio are still not pleased with David Silva’s conduct that saw him snub them and sign for Real Sociedad in the end.

Lazio were inches close to signing David Silva but it all changed at the eleventh hour.

The Serie A side were reportedly the front runners to sign the former Manchester City star.

Just after Silva announced his departure from City, he was expected to sign for Lazio. But rumors started resurfacing on how he was rejecting calls from the Lazio camp.

Those rumors became reality as the 34-year-old joined Real Sociedad in a shock move. The fact that it was announced at a very odd hour at night only buttressed the point.

Lazio were sure to disclose that they were not pleased with Silva and his attitude regarding the transfer saga.

The club’s director of communications Stefano De Martino has taken another swipe at the Spanish midfielder. He appears to hint on the player’s ‘dishonesty’ regarding the said agreement.

“A great deal has been said over the last 48 hours about the David Silva situation,” De Martino said as quoted by Football-Italia.

“Lazio have always behaved in the correct way and we still believe that when someone gives his word, it means something.”

“Director of Sport Igli Tare has already commented on the whole affair, as Lazio did everything we needed to in a very open and fair way.”

“Some of the versions we’ve read over the last couple of days are not accurate, and it’s disappointing to see people spreading these rumours.”

“The good news is that the Biancocelesti fans no longer fall into these traps.”