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Lautaro Martinez’s agent offers an update about his future

Lautaro Martinez
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Amid all the rumors about his future, Lautaro Martinez’s agent decided to offer an update on one of his biggest clients right now. 

After Romelu Lukaku left Inter Milan, chances of Lautaro Martinez leaving the club decreased tenfold because he is now their biggest star. Regardless of this, none of the two North London clubs shied away from trying to make offers for the Argentine striker. Remember, Lautaro is coming from a brilliant Copa America performance in which he became a champion with his country. This upgraded him to even greater levels inside the transfer market. His current price on Transfermarkt is €80 million.

Such an offer recently came from Tottenham Hotspur but Inter Milan still hasn’t acknowledged it. Agent Alejandro Camano recognizes the offer in a recent interview with FC Inter News but he also said the following about the chances of him leaving Italian football this summer: “Lautaro wants to stay at Inter, he trusts the project and wants to win. I’ll meet with the Inter board on Wednesday to talk about his contract situation. Premier League clubs wanted him but he’s ready to stay.”

Mikel Arteta also wants Lautaro. 

Nuno Espirito Santo’s plan is to find the ideal Harry Kane replacement if they don’t manage to convince the English striker to remain at the Spurs. Harry seems determined to play for Manchester City despite the recent loss during the Premier League’s opening match last weekend. But Mikel Arteta is also keen on trying to sign the Argentine star, which means the Spurs will compete in North London once again.

However, Lautaro’s decision seems final for the current season. Next year might turn out differently depending on how well his current club does in the Italian Serie A and the UEFA Champions League. Also, there have been rumors linking Martinez to Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid for some time. ‘Cholo’ loves this type of striker and he might also go after the player next summer. But for now, Martinez will likely stay at Inter.