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Laporta offers the latest on Leo Messi’s contract extension

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During a recent interview with a Catalan news outlet, Joan Laporta offered the latest on Leo Messi’s contract extension at FC Barcelona. 

We recently told you Joan Laporta already had an offer for Leo Messi, it was a more than 50% salary reduction. Apparently, no official offer has been made yet from the president to the club’s symbol. Joan Laporta is well aware that he won’t have too much space to maneuver once he makes that offer. There is still fear that Leo won’t agree to these terms and the club is ready for any eventuality.

In fact, there are confirmations from inside the club of a plan without the Argentine. FC Barcelona decided to start planning their future without considering Messi their franchise player. If he wants to stay at the club to retire, that will be a massive plus for them. However, they will not force Messi to stay and they will understand it if he chooses to leave. After everything he’s done for the club over the years, Messi has earned his right to make a decision about his future. 

Laporta trusts Messi will do “the right thing”. 

Joan Laporta has been making the rounds all over Catalunya talking about the state of negotiations with Leo Messi. So far, there is no real advancement on the official offer because he knows it might not be enough. Although he confirmed that he trusts Messi will renew his contract with FC Barcelona, he won’t flat out say that he will agree on any terms.

Laporta just limits himself to saying that the negotiations are still ongoing. He just spoke to Cadena SER from Catalunya to say the following: “You will have to ask him about the negotiations. I will do everything I can to convince him to stay. All within the club’s possibilities. I do see him motivated, I believe he wants to stay at the club though.”