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Laporta hints he could sign a German coach for Barcelona

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During a recent interview, Joan Laporta hinted at the possibility of signing a German manager for FC Barcelona if he becomes the president. 

German managers have been on high demand recently, Joan Laporta is very aware of this fact. Just last year we had Jurgen Klopp coaching Liverpool, Julian Nagelsmann at RB Leipzig, Hansi Flick at Bayern Munich, and Thomas Tuchel at PSG. The strongest candidate for Barcelona’s presidency just revealed he thinks the next great manager will come out from German soil. Although he refused to offer any names, it is clear he is already scouting the area for a potential signing.

Nagelsmann is the one whom everybody is talking about, he recently revealed he rejected an offer from Florentino Perez. However, he might not be able to reject one from Laporta. Joan is very seductive in the way he approaches his targets and he will work his magic with Nagelsmann just as great as he always did. But let’s not get carried away, Laporta needs to win next Sunday’s presidential elections first. 

“The new Guardiola could be in Germany”

During an interview with La Vanguardia, Joan Laporta was questioned about the chances to bring Pep Guardiola back to Barcelona. Although he confessed he would like that very much, he also knows it’s quite impossible at the moment. However, he dropped a hint on where he might be scouting for managers if he becomes the club’s president next Sunday. “I think Guardiola is unique and we won’t see anyone like him again. But there can be another manager who doesn’t bear that name and is also unique.

“Just look at where football is going right now. Without giving up on our principles, there’s a type of German football that combines science with imagination. There are clubs that are doing everything right. Without giving you any names. The younger generations are starting to make way and they are very talented. We need to keep them under consideration because they might work within our philosophy’s evolutionary line.”