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Laporta fires a warning about Erling Haaland’s possible transfer

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During his rounds with the press today, Joan Laporta made an admission about Erling Haaland’s possible transfer to Barcelona. 

Joan Laporta’s plan with Erling Haaland is currently going to plan, as he had planned. FC Barcelona will attempt to convince Leo Messi to star by convincing Erling Haaland to sign for the Catalan club this summer. There’s little chance of this happening with FC Barcelona’s current finances, but Laporta always has an ace up his sleeve. According to a report from Sport, ‘Investindustrial’ is a local company managed by the Bonomi family.

They are deeply interested in making a €200 million investment in the club’s Barça Academy, Barça Innovation Hub, Barça Licensing and Merchandising, plus Barça Studios. This would give them a total of 50% control of all these properties within the Catalan club. If Joan Laporta accepts this deal, he will have that money to spend on any transfer of his choosing. Obviously, the plan is to sign Erling Haaland and convince Messi to stay. Killing “two birds with one stone” in the process. 

Laporta keeps the information to himself. 

After this new possible deal was reported, all the local media went crazy trying to get a statement from Laporta. However, the Barcelona president is keeping all the cards close to his vest. He knows that negotiations like this need to remain on the down-low in order to get completed. This is only one of a few more options that Joan Laporta has in order to revive the club’s frail economy.

One major aspect of this is that he will always try to keep investment coming into the club amongst the city’s wealthy families. That way, the club’s identity will remain protected from outsiders. When asked about Haaland’s possible arrival, all Laporta said to the media was: “We will do whatever needs to be done, and we will do it right.”