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Lampard speaks out after getting sacked by Chelsea

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In a recent interview, Frank Lampard opened up about his short time as Chelsea FC’s manager and why he feels proud about his work. 

For many, Frank Lampard didn’t do much as Chelsea FC’s manager, but the reality is that Lampard deserves some credit for the past season. Perhaps pressure was too high for a manager who was only getting started in his professional career. Even though he is considered a club legend, it’s clear that Frankie only cares about the Blues’ well-being as a club. He was the one who brought Mason Mount to the club when the time was right.

Lampard was also the man who signed up on the arrival of key players such as Kai Havertz and others. Not giving him the credit he deserves means you either don’t know Chelsea or you have no idea how football actually works. In a recent interview with the BBC, Frank Lampard opened up about his 18-month experience as his beloved club’s manager. He is ready for more opportunities in different clubs but he refused to reveal if he has any offers. 

Lampard has no regrets from his experience. 

In a recent interview for BBC Sport, Frank Lampard explained his entire experience as Chelsea FC’s manager: “I’m in pretty good company at Chelsea, it happens, it’s the brutal reality of football at the top level. I’m pretty proud of the job I did, I came in at a tough time with the [transfer] ban and the loss of Eden Hazard. We worked really hard in year one to get in the Champions League and developing the younger players was a huge deal to me.

“I am happy, it was a huge experience for me. There were a lot of things I would have done differently, I was really happy in year one, in year two we had different expectations, there were complications, every team had problems this year, we had problems and I left my job.”