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Kylian Mbappe responds to Al-Khelaifi over PSG future

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It happened during his most recent press conference with France, Kylian Mbappe responded to Al-Khelaifi’s most recent statements. 


Kylian Mbappe’s future is far more impossible to define than ever before thanks to Nasser Al-Khelaifi. In recent weeks, we heard the PSG chairman talking about keeping Mbappe inside the club with no chance of him leaving. But the player is known for his desire to play for Real Madrid in the future. In fact, recent statements caught him saying PSG is not a club where he envisions himself staying throughout his entire career. Kylian took it a step further this past weekend after he realized the rumors running about him. The press is creating this narrative that Mbappe will only agree to a new contract if certain players arrive at the club.

Mbappe was obviously angry about these rumors, which he considers utter lies. This is what he told the press when they asked him about it via Goal: “I’m not interested, I’m here to represent France, the most important is the France team, I don’t want to disrupt the group. Al-Khelaifi said I wouldn’t pick the recruits? I’ll just answer that. I never asked the president or [sporting director] Leonardo for a single player. I am a simple football player, I have to be content with the field. I have never asked for a single player from PSG.”

A war is coming between PSG and Mbappe. 

We can already tell you that Kylian Mbappe will go to extreme lengths in order to leave PSG next summer. Initially, he was willing to entertain offers to renew his contract. However, the most recent attitude coming from Al-Khelaifi was a deal-breaker for Kylian. Feeling forced to decide his future is not inside his wishes. After the Euros, we will see Mbappe trying to get away from Nasser as far as he possibly can.


For now, the young star will have to focus on the current tournament but he will definitely get back to his future as soon as he can. The Spanish press from Madrid is gushing with the idea of Kylian Mbappe coming to Real Madrid next summer. But the possibility won’t be easy. Mbappe also needs to beware of the distractions that are presenting in front of him. Between his future at PSG and the row with Giroud, things can get very difficult for him this summer.