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Mbappe responds to criticism for not passing the ball to Giroud

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After the inner battle between Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud, the young forward responded to all the criticism he’s gotten lately. 

With the Euro 220 about to start, France can’t have two players like Mbappe and Giroud having a major disagreement. After the 3-0 victory against Bulgaria where Giroud scored a brace, the Chelsea striker criticized some of his teammates for not passing the ball to him. There were reports of Mbappe taking this personally because he clearly was the player Giroud was referring to. Although the content of this discussion hasn’t been revealed, it is clear that these two have a fundamental disagreement.

Today, Mbappe spoke to the press about the issue and revealed he was affected by Giroud’s criticism. “I spoke with Olivier Giroud,” Mbappe said via Express. “Everyone knows what happened. “It is true that I was a little affected by it. But we are not going to make a big deal about it because we are here to represent France, that is the most important thing. “It is more that he said it publicly than the fact that he said it. I saw him in the dressing room and he didn’t say anything to me. “He (Giroud) expressed a feeling that I have had 365 times during a match.”

Is Giroud jealous of Benzema’s return? 

We all need to understand Olivier Giroud is not happy with Karim Benzema’s return to the French National Team. Back when a journalist decided to compare both strikers, Benzema stated this was like comparing a go-kart with a Porsche. This has to be one of the reasons Olivier Giroud said he would invite Karim to a go-kart race if France won the Euros. But going further from that, it is clear that Giroud is not happy Benzema is clearly taking his place in the squad.

Olivier is a player who’s always been underestimated and he always proved his naysayers wrong through goals and hard work. Having to prove yourself over and over must be quite exhausting for a player who always delivers great results. Mbappe clearly likes spending time with Benzema over Giroud on the pitch, which is another reason Olivier might be angry right now.