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Kroos thinks Real Madrid is ready to face Chelsea

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A day before the crucial semifinal leg against Chelsea, Toni Kroos revealed how Real Madrid is getting ready to face the Blues. 

Toni Kroos is one of Real Madrid’s most important players for tomorrow’s match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. During the initial game, Los Blancos allowed the English side to nearly eliminate them with a forgettable first-half performance. But the second half was vastly different as Zidane’s team got a hold of the game against a distracted Chelsea squad.

In the end, there was a 1-1 draw that leaves everything pending for tomorrow. Toni Kroos was one of the players who spoke with the press ahead of the second leg. He came out to talk to them alongside Zinedine Zidane, who spoke right after he did. Toni is confident his teammates will live up to the expectations and reach a new Champions League final after the whistle. 

Kroos recognizes Real Madrid’s obstacles. 

During his press conference ahead of the match, Kroos’ statements were picked up by Diario AS: “Of course we know it hasn’t been a great year for us as a team this season. We can defend well too. This is very important in order to eliminate a squad like Chelsea.

“We need to create more chances than we created in the first leg but we have the capabilities for doing that. I see the team in great form. We’ve recovered some players except for Varane, whom we’ve lost. Everybody who comes on the trip is ready to play and run, and also fight. We will be there until the very end. It’s important for us to have the quality, not only the physical strength.”