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Koeman talks about the Messi/Griezmann relationship

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With all the controversy that is generating the Messi/Griezmann relationship, Ronald Koeman wanted to offer his two cents on the matter. 

Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann might not be going through the best stage of their relationship but Ronald Koeman doesn’t see a problem. The Dutch manager has to be one of the people who want both players to get along well, especially if they want to achieve titles this season.

In recent days, we’ve seen how Leo responded in front of the press when they asked him about Griezmann’s relatives slandering him. But it wasn’t just the Frenchman’s uncle, his agent also said some rude stuff about the Argentine. To add insult to injury, Messi was also thoroughly checked by tax agents as soon as his plane landed in Barcelona right before he spoke to the press.

All of these elements got together and snowballed into the scandal we have today. But Koeman wanted to take the seriousness out of the whole situation by going after the members of the press who asked him these questions during such a stressful moment. 

Koeman doesn’t see a bad relationship between the two. 

During the press conference right before FC Barcelona’s trip to Atletico Madrid, Ronald Koeman wanted to clarify his stance on the whole debate. In his view, the press asked that question with terrible timing and got that response from Messi. Due to his day-to-day involvement in the club, the gaffer simply doesn’t see a bad relationship between the two stars. 

Koeman spoke to Sport: “I understand Messi is angry. After such a long trip and doing so many things, someone comes to ask you about Antoine. I think it’s utterly disrespectful. I know your intention is to create controversy but I haven’t seen a problem between them at all. There are plenty of images of the two working together assisting each other. I don’t like looking for trouble where there aren’t any. The person who spoke is someone who hasn’t worked for Griezmann for three years. It is utter nonsense.”