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Koeman responds to Pep Guardiola’s Neymar revelations

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After Pep Guardiola’s Neymar revelation, Ronald Koeman decided to respond to his opinion on the former FC Barcelona star’s exit. 

Even though Pep Guardiola said what we were all thinking about Neymar’s exit from Barcelona, Ronald Koeman doesn’t share the same sentiment. Just a day before facing the Brazilian star in the Champions League, Pep revealed what he thinks about his exit from the Catalan club. Basically, he stated that Barcelona would’ve won two or three more Champions League titles if he remained there. We will never know if this is true because the reality is way different.

Barcelona hasn’t won a single Champions League since 2015 and Neymar is close to reaching his second consecutive final. However, he also hasn’t won the title since he left the Catalan club back in 2017. Today, Ronald Koeman spoke to the press ahead of Barcelona’s pending La Liga match against Granada. He spoke about his side’s chances to win the domestic title but he also wanted to address Guardiola’s opinion. 

Koeman only thinks about the present and the future. 

We need to understand that Ronald Koeman wasn’t even a thought when Neymar left FC Barcelona, he was getting ready for the job he has today. Perhaps he would’ve opposed the club’s decision to sell Neymar if he had a chance to decide. Nobody denies that Neymar is amongst the best players in the world and has been for the last decade. When asked about Guardiola’s statements, this is what Sport picked up from Koeman: “Having the best players on your squad is always important.

“They already proved it when they were together (Messi, Neymar, and Suarez). It was clear they did great things but that’s not the case today. We work with the players we have today and we’ve proven we can fight. You never know if you will win with the best players but the possibilities increase if you have them. For me, the past doesn’t count for anything anymore.”