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Karim Benzema’s real chances to win the 2021 Ballon d’Or

Karim Benzema - Real Madrid
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Despite the obvious choices to win the Ballon d’Or this year, we will tell you where Karim Benzema actually stands against the rest. 

Real Madrid released a tweet about Karim Benzema right after the UEFA Nations League final where they defeated Spain. The connotation of this tweet was evidently charged by a little sourness after no player from the club was called to play the tournament. But let’s not take credit for what Karim Benzema is actually doing for his club and country. Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo left Los Blancos, the Frenchman has been liberated. Florentino finally could yell that famous ‘Release the Kraken’ line and it’s been doing wonders ever since.

We knew Karim Benzema was already a world-class player but he always served Cristiano Ronaldo’s personal purposes. He wanted to have a taste of the spotlight and so far, he hasn’t disappointed anybody. It’s safe to say that right now, the ‘Cat’ is arguably the best striker in world football due to his versatility. Even though Robert Lewandowski scores insane amounts of goals alongside Erling Haaland, Benzema is still a different breed. Apart from goals, this man influences the game like no other player in the Spanish La Liga right now. 

Does Benzema deserve the Ballon d’Or?

If you ask any Madridista, they will obviously say he does. For competitiveness’ sake, we can tell you the Frenchman is the only real contender Messi has this year. But Leo finally had his magical year with the Argentina squad. However, Karim has been winning fans over the last couple of years. They’ve been rediscovering the amazing footballer that he is and they are most impressed by his skills.

We are not surprised by what we are looking at because we already knew how important he is. What we definitely are is happy for Karim finally getting his chance to shine. He’s been patient for so many years and it’s finally his time to shine. Perhaps he won’t win the Ballon d’Or this year but he will definitely be amongst the nominees over the next couple of years. If he ends up winning the award, we’ll definitely celebrate because Karim deserves it.