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Top 5 favorite players to win the Ballon d’Or award

Lionel Messi - Argentina - Copa America
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It’s time to discuss the Top 5 favorite players to win the Ballon d’Or Award by the end of 2021, we have the most possible choices here. 

The Ballon d’Or Award list of nominated players was just revealed to the world with 30 of the best footballers on the planet. Amongst those prestigious names, we decided to make a Top 5 list of the most likely candidates to take the prize. Out of the five players we are talking about, all of them deserve a place at the podium. But only two of them are considered frontrunners to win it when the time comes. Here’s the list. 

5.- N’Golo Kante

Thomas Tuchel was absolutely right when he told PSG’s board that he wanted N’Golo Kante for his squad. The German manager knows exactly the way in which the French midfielder can become essential for any squad. His peripheral vision and willingness to sacrifice his position are attributes very few players in history possess. Alongside Jorginho, Kante formed the most dominant midfield duo in the world during last season’s UEFA Champions League. 

4.- Karim Benzema

After Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid, Karim Benzema truly found his footing and got to fully extend his wings. We already knew the quality he had during Real Madrid’s most successful years. But the level he is reaching right now was completely unexpected despite his status as an elite player. Right now, he is considered the best player in La Liga and one of the best in the world. Hands down. 

3.- Robert Lewandowski

The Polish striker is currently living his best years as a footballer with numbers we’ve only seen from Gerd Muller in the past from a Bayern player. Lewandowski was robbed of the Ballon d’Or in 2020 and he deserves rectification from France Football. Since that won’t happen, perhaps they might give it to him this year. But let’s be real, he has way less of a chance to win it this year with Messi and Jorginho taking all the headlines. 

2.- Jorginho

The Chelsea midfielder was right in the middle of the two biggest collective trophies European football has to give. He was also a key component in both squads and a sure bet for any manager that plays him. Thomas Tuchel even managed to find the way to play him alongside N’Golo Kante with extraordinary results. The problem is that another player had a much better year from the individual aspect. 

1.- Lionel Messi

After nearly two decades trying to accomplish the impossible, Leo Messi finally got the Copa America he fought so hard to get. Losing the 2007, 2015, and 2016 finals taught him so many lessons that he got to use this summer. Leo didn’t only win the Copa America, he also dominated every aspect of the game throughout the entire tournament. Better yet, he won the title against Brazil at Maracana Stadium. It doesn’t get any better than that for a Ballon d’Or contender. But tell us, who deserves to win the award this year?