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Jose Mourinho doesn’t seem worried about his job

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Jose Mourinho came out to defend himself from all types of rumors about his future, he doesn’t seem too worried about losing his job at Tottenham. 

Yesterday was a very eventful Monday for Jose Mourinho in regards to his job at Tottenham Hotspur. From him praising his job and his technical staff to Julian Nigelsmann making the rounds as his possible replacement. It’s clear that Jose Mourinho finds himself in a similar situation he’s been recently. Losing his job is slowly becoming a trend in recent years but he still doesn’t seem to accept that he possibly lost his mojo. Instead, he chooses to look at the glass half full as per his statements picked up by Sky Sports: “Thank god I’m not the manager I was. Probably, I wouldn’t be as calm, confident and in control of my emotions.

“Sometimes during my career I had problems not in relation to results. As you know, I didn’t have many bad runs. Day-by-day problems happened many times and I reacted previously in a much more emotional way. As an example, I left Chelsea as a champion. Maybe age and experience makes you realize that we are better equipped to cope with negative moments. I am calm, I am in control of my emotions. My nature doesn’t change. If I lose a game, of course I am not happy, but maturity helps. I feel very confident and I believe we are going to improve and I will be in Tottenham history for the good reasons and not the bad reasons.” 

Mourinho accepts the Tottenham challenge. 

Continuing with his rant about his current situation, Jose Mourinho vowed to end Tottenham Hotspur’s moment. However, the final decision will always remain with Daniel Levy: “It’s a positive thing that you say I’m not used to it, but I want to know: Which coach, at the end of his career, can say that everything was blue sky and never a little bit grey, cloudy or even dark? Unless it’s a coach that was always in dominant clubs where that club is the top club in a country, then it is more difficult to have difficult moments.

“Does this make me happy? No. Does this make me depressed? Not at all. It’s a challenge. The fact that I’m giving them hard work but not the results is something that hurts me. I believe that I can give it. I gave it everywhere I’ve been and I want to do it. I’m more motivated than ever. I’ve never felt what normally coaches feel when the results are bad. Normally the coaches are lonely. In this building, I’ve never felt that. I feel positive. I am not unhappy. I wake up in the morning and I want to come back to work.”