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‘It was hard for me’ – Torreira opens up on ‘very bad time’ at Arsenal

Lucas Torreira - Arsenal
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The Uruguayan reveals he had to seek professional help as his mental health declined due to the lack of opportunities.

Lucas Torreira has opened up in his “very bad time” at Arsenal during his second season at the club in 2019-20.

Torreira enjoyed plenty of action in his debut season at Arsenal, with the midfielder featuring 50 times in total under Unai Emery in the 2018/19 campaign.

The Sampdoria man, however, fell out of favor following a managerial change at the Emirates as his playing time got significantly reduced under Mikel Arteta.

His loan move to Atletico Madrid in 2020-21 did not work out as well, with the 25-year-old playing little part in Diego Simeone’s side La Liga title success.

“A year ago I was working with a psychologist in Spain because, in the second year at Arsenal, I played very little,” Torreira told El Otro Partido.

“It was hard for me to really take it in because my life depends on football and when I don’t play I have a very bad time, I am in a very bad mood and many things happen.

“That’s why I started with him and he was giving me a hand with that topic.

“Many years ago they would say to you ‘but how are you going to go to a psychologist, are you crazy?’ And today it is very important, especially for those of us who experience a lot of situations in terms of being away from your family.”