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Ilaix Moriba breaks his silence amid accusations at FC Barcelona

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On the day of his presentation as a new Leipzig player, Ilaix Moriba felt the need to break his silence amid accusations at FC Barcelona. 

Many things have been said before and after Ilaix Moriba’s turbulent exit from FC Barcelona, he just arrived at RB Leipzig. Throughout the entire time, the young midfielder made some questionable decisions in regard to his career. First, he decided to ask for double the money Pedri is already making at the club. His situation started to resemble the one Paul Pogba went through during his first years at Manchester United.

It was evident Moriba’s agents were the ones making these decisions but the player is refusing to accept this. Also, there was a lot of online harassment against the player during this time. Until today, Ilaix never had a chance to tell his side of the story and set the record straight. On the day of his presentation as a new RB Leipzig player, Moriba pointed at some members of the FC Barcelona board. He also denounced abusive behavior from some fans online. 

What Ilaix Moriba said to the press. 

As per RB Leipzig’s official website, this is what Moriba had to say: “The last few months have been the hardest of my life, we [my family] have received abusive messages but we have been able to get over it to be here today. I don’t deserve these messages. They [people at the club] have said many things that are not true and we have had to keep tight-lipped because of the respect that we have for Barcelona. The things that they have said in the press have not been fair.

“I have improved at Barcelona with the support of the fans, but over the past few months they have not known how to behave. I am not going to judge the whole fanbase based off of these few people. I will always have Barcelona in my heart, it has been a complicated few months, but it has passed and I wish the best for the club, especially to Ansu, as I have seen that they have given him the No.10 shirt and he’s the most suitable one to wear it, I wish him the best.”