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“I was Harry Kane when I played at Tottenham”

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This was said by a striker who went through the exact same situation at Tottenham Hotspur and eventually played for Manchester United. 

Tottenham Hotspur tends to have similar problems with their strikers as the one Harry Kane is going through. A total dilemma he will need to fix by the time the season ends. Dimitar Berbatov feels identified with this situation and gave Harry some advice. Back when he was also a player in English football, the Bulgarian striker became one of the best in the world with no trophies. At a certain point in his career, he quickly understood he would become frustrated with this notion.

Going through an entire professional career at the highest level with no silverware would’ve been devastating for him. That exactly when he decided to make the biggest decision of his career and signed for Manchester United. After that, Berbatov finally felt acknowledged as one of the best forwards of his generation. The best moments of his professional career came as a Red Devil. If you ask him, he would make the same decision all over again. Berbatov sent Kane a stern warning about staying at Spurs.

Berbatov knows where Harry should play. 

It’s not a surprise he proposes Manchester United as Kane’s next destination as he told Betfair: “It would be sad if he looks back in his career and has not been a Premier League champion at some point as he is one of the best strikers in the world. It’s a tough decision as he is in a great environment, with a great stadium, training ground and more. The only thing missing for him is trophies. I can see why Kane would want to move if they don’t make the Champions League and if they don’t win the League Cup.

“I would not be surprised as of course he wants to play Champions League football. It depends on how Spurs finish the season. I was Harry Kane at Tottenham once. I was in this position with the same decision and at the same club. There will be big thoughts going through his head. If he moves, he will be disappointing lots of Spurs fans. Some will turn against him, it is how it is in football. Fans take it personally and think that you are leaving, they feel that you’ve betrayed the club. My situation was similar, but also slightly different. I wanted to go to the biggest club to win trophies and that was Manchester United. When I heard there was a chance to go there, I did not hesitate.”