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Higuain warns Messi if he moves to the Premier League

Higuain, Messi
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Gonzalo Higuain has warned Lionel Messi what to expect should he decide on a move to the Premier League.

With the fallout at Barcelona gathering pace, the future of Lionel Messi is still very much up in the air.

His compatriot Gonzalo Higuain has refused to be drawn on the subject, insisting all he wants is for Messi to be happy.

However, Higuain is a well-traveled man and has sampled life in three of Europe’s top five leagues. 

They have both played in La Liga, albeit as arch-rivals, but Higuain has also sampled life in Italy and England. Two places that have been proposed as possible destinations for the Barcelona man and Higuain has some fearsome words of advice about one of them.

In an interview reported by Marca, the Juventus man warns Messi while he can cope with the Premier League be ready to feel the pain.

He said:

“I suffered a lot in the Premier League and couldn’t adapt in those six months.” 

“It’s nothing like LaLiga.”

“There, the defenders rough you up with kicks and they don’t blow for freekicks like they would in Spain.”

“I don’t know how that would affect Messi.

“I don’t think he would suffer, since he is a player at another level.”

What options does Messi actually have for his future?