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Haaland’s first coach knows where the star should play

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During a recent interview, Erling Haaland’s former coach revealed where his former player should go after Borussia Dortmund. 

Back when Erling Haaland played at Bryne FK, he had a coach named Alf Ingve Berntsen. He is the very first manager he had at a semi professional level and he has some advice for his decision to get a new club. In his view, the youngster should absolutely join Liverpool instead of any other club in the world. But that’s only because he is a Reds supporters. If we are real about this whole scenario, Jurgen Klopp’s side isn’t even in contention to sign Haaland.

The Reds are famous for not spending insane amounts of money for any player, especially forwards. Contrary to other clubs, Jurgen Klopp loves finding talents who are still undiscovered and get them while they are still cheap. Just as an example, we can talk all day about Diogo Jota’s transfer from Wolverhampton. Klopp agreed to pay €44 million for him and we can already see he was an absolute bargain. Even though Haaland’s manager probably has a point with his former player, it’s unlikely Liverpool would pay €150 million for him. 

Where should Haaland play next? 

In an interview with BBC’s Radio 5 Live, Berntsen said: “If I had to decide, I’d go for Liverpool because that’s my club – but I don’t decide. I don’t have a clue what they will do, Erling and his team have made very good choices and shown great knowledge in choosing the club that’s best for him in the past. It’s a very small town and we have only about 12,000 who live here. Pretty much everybody knows each other. The first time I saw him playing football was when he was seven and he was good from the start. We couldn’t tell how far he would go but now and then you have some young players who show something special from an early age.

“It’s unusual to continue at that level though, most of the youth with such quality can fade away. We couldn’t tell when he was seven where it was going. He still has the same playing style like when he was 11 or 12. He’s very smart in the box and moves very smart. He has a good technique when it comes to scoring goals and the technical, tactical and physical aspects are just at the highest level. He’s also mentally very strong and the combination of these four make it special with Erling.”