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Guardiola reveals the United player he admires the most

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Ahead of a crucial Manchester Derby, Pep Guardiola revealed which Manchester United player he admires the most at the moment. 

You will never see Pep Guardiola looking down an opponent, especially if it’s Manchester United ahead of a derby. Regardless of the winning streak his side is carrying right now, Pep always respected his foes and thoroughly analyzes every single one of them. This is one of the traits he got from Marcelo Bielsa, one of his idols. Pep understands that despite their recent lack of good results, the Red Devils remain as one of the most important football clubs in English football history.

As such, he is aware of the respect they command when you talk about them. Next Sunday will be crucial for both sides as one seeks to maintain that winning streak and the other side seeks to end it. Despite we all feel the Citizens pretty much have the title in the bag. This doesn’t make the Manchester Derby less appealing. But for Pep Guardiola, one player stands out from the rest at the moment. 

Pep pays respect where it’s due. 

As per Manchester Evening News, this is what Pep said about United’s players: “They are so strong in all departments. Defensively, in midfield. The playmaker Bruno Fernandes, the speed upfront with James, Rashford, Martial. The experience of Cavani, one of the players I admire the most for what he’s done with his career, how he lives his career. Guys, it’s Manchester United. All the time United is a top top club. It’s a privilege to compete with them, to be in front of them. The day after tomorrow is no exception. We will be ourselves. It’s our target to do what we’ve done later. Be ourselves.

“I don’t know when I sign to make history. Just to win one game. Then the second one. If we are able to play the team like we want to play. This si the only target. Titles are a consequence for something more deeper. When I arrived it was scary, I have doubts if we were able to do it. I know what we wanted to do but didn’t know if we were able. I’m not a guy who imagines what happens. The reality is our team to face a good team and when we achieve it, ask me the question how it feels and I will answer.”