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Guardiola reacts after losing against Bielsa’s Leeds United

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We still had to hear from the man who lost today, Pep Guardiola offered his reaction after losing against Bielsa’s Leeds United. 

Pep Guardiola was not happy after losing against Bielsa’s Leeds United, he feels his team should’ve won. But as we’ve said before, football has games like this that are wildly unpredictable. Even if Manchester City got most of the ball possession, Bielsa has never lost a match where he lost it. In a total of nine matches where he lost possession, the Argentine manager seems to have a perfect formula when that happens.

Out of all those games, he won eight and drew one. No losses at all for his side. This means that Bielsa has a contingency plan when his side isn’t controlling the game and it always works out. However, losing the ball only happens when the squad in front of him is superior. Guardiola knew his players dominated the game today, but their small mistakes still cost them the result. 

Pep wasn’t happy after the game. 

Right after the final whistle, Pep Guardiola wasn’t happy for losing a game where his players dominated throughout 90 minutes. He described what happened perfectly and offered a proper reason for this defeat. This is what Goal picked up from his statements: “Congratulations to Leeds, first of all. We did not create enough for the forwards. It is part of the game. “In the last 10 minutes they had other chances, they are fast and can do it. When they defend in the way they were doing you have to stop them running and we did not do that.

“We are going to rest and prepare two days for the game in Dortmund and decide on how we are going to play. When you lose [the selection is a mistake], when we win, I am a genius. I do not regret [the choices] because I trust them. If I didn’t trust them, they would not play. Everyone was good. It was a game of transitions. We had to avoid it, they did it. At 10 v 11, we need inspiration and we can’t let them run [from deep]. We did it for a long time but then Raphinha had a chance and Eddie [Ederson] saved – and then they scored. When you attack and attack and attack, you have to control and not let them run.”