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A modest Marcelo Bielsa accepts victory over Pep Guardiola

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After winning a vital match against Pep Guardiola’s squad, a modest Marcelo Bielsa accepted defeat in his particular modest manner. 

Marcelo Bielsa went over to Pep Guardiola to greet him right after the final whistle at Etihad Stadium. All Leeds United fans must be over the moon with today’s achievement, only avoiding relegation would be greater than this. Today’s result handed Manchester City their fourth defeat of the current season. It all happened thanks to what Bielsa made his players do throughout the 90 minutes.

The Citizens had a total of 29 shots and only scored one goal. While Leeds United scored the only two shots they took throughout the game. It is evident that Guardiola’s squad was far superior to Bielsa’s but football is like this sometimes. A sport that becomes highly unpredictable regardless of the circumstances. That’s the reason we all love it so much, and probably the reason Manchester City lost this evening. 

Bielsa accepts the win with a smile on his face. 

He frankly couldn’t help but smile while the interview was taking place right after the game. Marcelo Bielsa got his first victory against one of Pep Guardiola’s squads but he knew which squad was superior this evening. Talking to Leeds United’s Youtube channel, this is what Bielsa said: “We deserved to win. But the fair thing would have been for City to win. It’s very difficult but it’s what I think. We made a big, big effort but it is true that City dominated the game and had the better options.

“It’s a game that if we don’t have a big grade of aggression it is difficult to shorten the gap between their creativity and what we can do. I didn’t beat Pep Guardiola. It’s a game between two teams with the players being the predominant factors. We are just simply the two managers of the two teams that faced each other today. I think the English referees are very good. VAR allows the margin of error to be reduced. I didn’t see the action of Liam Cooper but I always think the referees have arguments to sustain their decisions.”