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Giroud hints his Chelsea exit rumors might be true

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Even though he just renewed his contract with Chelsea, Olivier Giroud still hinted at a possible exit with a specific football club in mind. 

Olivier Giroud’s time at Chelsea has been nothing short of incredible since he arrived, he’s literally won every possible major title he can imagine. Last season, the French striker didn’t shy away from the competition Timo Werner brought to the club. He wanted to prove to the manager he could still be an important piece of the puzzle. However, Frank Lampard’s exit conditioned Giroud’s role in the squad after Thomas Tuchel arrived. Ever since he realized this would happen, Giroud has been trying to find a new club despite recently signing a contract extension.

All the Frenchman wants is to play as much as he can, which is difficult with the Blues right now. Giroud has the Euros to worry about right now but he was still questioned about his future at the club during a recent press conference. None other than Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently welcomed Giroud to a possible transfer to AC Milan. Even though these are only rumors at the moment, the Chelsea veteran wanted to remind the press that leaving is still an option. 

Giroud’s future and his encounter with Benzema. 

As per Goal, this is what Giroud had to say about his future and his encounter with Karim Benzema: “I want to make it clear that Chelsea reactivated the clause in April and they recently announced it to comply with Premier League rules. It’s fair to remember that I liked [Milan legends] Marco van Basten and Andriy Shevchenko. Milan are a big club and one of the great teams in Europe. But, today, I will not talk about my future at the club because I am focused on the France team and the Euros, which is fast approaching.

“It is normal that the media are enthusiastic about the return of Benzema, because he is an additional weapon. It is part of the game. But the people who support me know that I am here to play my part, without making too much noise. I’m doing my part of the job, I’m fully behind the team, I have no qualms, no hard feelings, I’m at peace. We haven’t had a chance to discuss it, maybe it will happen, it makes me smile. I have no grudge against that. I will invite him to a kart circuit if we win the Euros. Deschamps did not warn me of Karim’s return. He’s the only one to make decisions. He did not ask me my opinion. There’s nothing to add.”