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Giroud explains the issue he had with Mbappe at the Euros

Olivier Giroud - France
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Olivier Giroud wanted to explain the small problem he had with Kylian Mbappe during the Euros last summer. He wanted to set the record straight. 

For Olivier Giroud, the most recent months alongside players like Kylian Mbappe have been a bit cathartic. Before Karim Benzema made his return to the biggest stage, he was the top striker for Didier Deschamps but everything changed. Also, his relationship with many players wasn’t the same after that decision. In hindsight, Olivier Giroud generally felt tossed aside after the great Karim Benzema returned.

Today, he is the third option striker despite his incredible achievements throughout his professional career. During the Euros, he had a small issue with Kylian Mbappe that got them into a heated argument after a game. Allegedly, Giroud’s complaints about not getting the ball during matches were directed at the PSG star. Something that Mbappe didn’t take well and decided to confront Giroud about it.

Giroud explains what happened with Mbappe. 

During a recent interview with The Guardian, Olivier Giroud hinted at a small issue but nothing too serious between the two strikers. Despite the whole drama that surrounded the French National Team, the AC Milan star doesn’t agree with any of it: “That was such a small thing,” he says. “He was a bit upset for a couple of days even though I explained to him that I wasn’t pointing the finger at him.

“I hadn’t meant to be harsh on anyone. I had just answered a question where a journalist said to me after the game: ‘Oh, you were very discreet but you scored two goals.’ It’s always like they’re trying to piss me off. I just replied: ‘Yeah, maybe we could have found each other in a different way.’ That’s it. The media tried to make it bigger and say that ruined the atmosphere among the team. But come on! We had a conversation between adults and it wasn’t a problem.”