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Fofana drops Chelsea transfer rumour amid recovery

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While spending time in recovery, Leicester City defender Wesley Fofana talked about his dream destination in the future.

Wesley Fofana has been linked with a move to Chelsea and the Leicester City defender believes that one day he will move up the ranks in the Premier League.

The France Under-21 star is currently in rehabilitation as he broke his leg during a preseason game against Villareal.

The current situation at Stamford Bridge brings issues over Antonio Rudiger’s future with the Blues. His agreement is set to end in 2022 and there has been no news regarding a renewal.

That brings in Fofana’s possible prospect as the Blues are considering the Leicester City youngster as an alternative for Rudiger.

While talking on a Twitter Spaces session hosted by ActuFoot, the 20-year-old mentioned his desire to play for elite English teams.

When asked about his dream destination, he said: “There is Marseille, Real Madrid, Barcelona.”

“In the Premier League, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City… but you have to work to achieve your dreams. Through work, you can succeed in it all.”

When further quizzed on his return to his hometown club, Fofana said: “I have been a Marseille fan since I was born.”

“Marseille, it is a dream. We don’t know what is waiting for us in football.”