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FIFA might go ahead with the biennial World Cup despite pushback

Gianni Infantino, VAR test 2016 - Press Conference
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After today’s meeting with all the national team managers, FIFA will possibly still go ahead with their plans to create a biennial World Cup. 

If you want to blame a specific person for making the decision of a biennial World Cup, you can blame FIFA’s Arsene Wenger. That’s right, the former Arsenal manager now works for the biggest power in football under Gianni Infantino. But he is the one who proposes a World Cup that takes place every two years starting in the summer of 2026. As you may know, the World Cup of that year will be organized by Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Wenger recently delivered a report that was published by FIFA on all their official platforms that detailed this plan.

He managed to sneak it at the end of the report but made sure everybody listened. Today, the scheduled meeting with all national team managers took place amid a semi-hostile environment. Most of them don’t agree with this decision due to how drained their footballers will be every year. After the meeting, there were a number of decisions that will go into full swing over the next year. But in the end, national team managers left the meeting with a feeling that FIFA never gave them a chance to voice their concerns. Most of them felt this plan can likely go ahead without their blessing. 

Which new measures will be implemented? 

For starters, Wenger revealed that December 20th will be the final meeting where all these matters will be discussed. The 2021 FIFA Club World Cup will also be moved from this year to 2022, and it will take place in the United Arab Emirates. Finally, there will be a congress in Doha during the month of March right before the World Cup draw. Wenger wasn’t very specific on the plans that he already explained in his report.

We are about to start a cold war between two sides that have fundamental opinion differences over how football should take place. Despite the pushback from all over the place, Gianni Infantino seems deadset on making these changes. He even got full support from Nicolas Maduro. You know your ideas are bad when they get full support from Venezuela’s Dictator. The next twelve months should be interesting for the future of football.