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Eto’o already knows who is Messi’s heir at FC Barcelona

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During a recent interview on SportBIBLE, Samuel Eto’o changed his mind on who should replace Lionel Messi when he leaves Barcelona. 

Finding Lionel Messi’s replacement won’t be an easy task but Samuel Eto’o already knows who can do it at FC Barcelona. The Cameroon legend was convinced a few months ago about a young Borussia Dortmund star. However, recent months have given the former player a new outlook on who can replace the Argentine. He talks about Ansu Fati as the ideal player to replace Messi in the future.

Despite his knee injury, people are still confident about the youngster’s talents. It might take him months to fully recover but Eto’o still believes he is the man to take Barcelona to the next level. On his first and second season, Ansu Fati already broke some important records as the youngest player in football history. He was the youngest to score a goal in La Liga, the Champions League, and with the Spain National Team. 

Eto’o picks Ansu Fati over the rest. 

Given he is of African descent, Ansu Fati was the obvious choice for Samuel Eto’o due to how much he supports other players from his continent. Historically, footballers who come from Africa have never gotten the same recognition as players from other places. Samuel Eto’o has always been a champion for great players who come from that area of the world. Despite plying for the Spanish National Team, Ansu Fati’s heritage is important for Samuel Eto’o. 

Talking to SportBIBLE, Samuel Eto’o said the following: “I think Ansu Fati is the one for the future. He is currently doing great things. So, I think the club needs to prepare him and take extra special care of him. Hopefully, he is the one who gets to replace Messi in the future.”