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Eintracht Frankfurt manager’s surprising statement about Jovic

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During a press conference, Eintracht Frankfurt’s manager addressed the rumors of Luka Jovic possibly going back to the German Bundesliga. 

Luka Jovic’s time at Eintracht Frankfurt is what got him a massive contract at Real Madrid in the first place. When he played in the Bundesliga and the Europa League, nobody would argue that Jovic was on his way to becoming one of the best strikers in the world. But since he came to Spain, the Serbian player has been nothing short of a disappointment. Between his off-the-pitch antics and a dismal level of performance, Jovic is far from the player he was in Germany.

However, people at Eintracht Frankfurt are convinced his return would be met with excitement despite his situation. Manager Adi Hutter recently hinted at that possibility but he also referred to the high wages he perceives at Real Madrid. Although he would love to have Jovic back at the club, it’s unlikely he would agree to lower his salary in any way.

Adi Hutter’s statement on Jovic. 

During a press conference in which the press kept asking Adi Hutter about Luke Jovic’s situation, the Frankfurt boss finally addressed it. 

This is what Hutter said via Goal Germany: “It’s something that doesn’t escape anyone. He is not having a lot of playing time at Real Madrid and I wouldn’t object to him coming back to Frankfurt. Everything the press has said about what Luke charges per year is true.”

The Serbian striker hasn’t played much this season under Zinedine Zidane, he practically doesn’t exist for the French manager. This is an alarming situation for a player who was ranked so high amongst the top strikers in the world not long ago. Perhaps going back to Germany is exactly what Jovic needs right now.