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Disappointed Inter star might end up playing for PSG

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After a disappointing season at Inter Milan under Antonio Conte, one of the club’s stars might end up playing for PSG next season. 

Inter Milan’s Antonio Conte didn’t like his own choice in midfield when he brought a certain player from Tottenham Hotspur. Christian Eriksen came to Italian football hoping to start a new successful chapter in his career but he only found obstacles. He went from being considered one of the best European midfielders in the world to not being considered at all.

Conte has a very specific set of demands when he coaches any player and Eriksen didn’t meet all of them. The problem here is that the Italian manager lacks the communication skills to convey his message to everybody.

This leaves a giant gap between player and manager that becomes hard to overcome as time passes by. It is clear that both sides are completely disappointed with each other and Eriksen is already considering a future away from Italy. 

PSG is already asking for Eriksen. 

According to a report from Gazzetta dello Sport, Paris Saint-Germain is already asking about Christian Eriksen for next season. The player wants to leave as soon as possible because he considers less activity could hinder his performance with the national team.

In this sense, PSG would be willing to propose a trade for the player during the winter transfer window. The possible option Inter likes is Leandro Paredes for this trade. An Argentine midfielder who became important for the French giants during last-season’s UEFA Champions League campaign. Eriksen would be keen on playing for a club that currently has big chances to compete for all the titles with Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

It’s really a shame that Conte wasn’t able to find what he wanted in the Danish midfielder. However, we are not surprised by this development because we know the Italian manager has certain limitations when he treats certain players.